Featured image for “Giving the Gift of Permanence”

Giving the Gift of Permanence

If you’re struggling to think of original gifts for any occasion, regift the best present: the memories you made with them. Make their favorite photos, videos, audio clips and more…
November 19, 2019
Featured image for “How We Built Our Internet Archive Integration”

How We Built Our Internet Archive Integration

At Permanent, we make it possible for anyone to preserve their personal digital legacy and make it perpetually accessible to future generations. That’s why we take a multi-provider approach and…
November 7, 2019
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Share With Confidence

At Permanent, we believe that sharing doesn’t have to mean oversharing. We know you want your friends and family to partake in your favorite memories but don’t want to lose…
October 31, 2019
Featured image for “Do More With Your Family Tree”

Do More With Your Family Tree

Here is the most recently updated tutorial on FamilySearch integrations. The content below may slightly outdated. Preserve the hard work you’ve already invested into FamilySearch in a Permanent Archive. Permanent…
October 21, 2019
Featured image for “Everyone’s an Archivist: Creating Coherent Collections”

Everyone’s an Archivist: Creating Coherent Collections

This is a guest post by Nina Tarnawsky, a graduate student at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin with a focus in archival work. Nina has worked…
September 12, 2019
Featured image for “Digital Preservation and the Future of Identity”

Digital Preservation and the Future of Identity

This is a guest post by David Emelianov, a software developer and product manager based in Seattle. He is currently working as a front-end web developer at Microsoft and has previously…
September 12, 2019
Featured image for “Three Ways to Control Access to Your Archive”

Three Ways to Control Access to Your Archive

Hasn’t it become nearly impossible to keep track of everything we’ve shared and where? While there are some things we want out there, and there are plenty of things we…
September 10, 2019

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